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Key Features

  1. Swipe feature connecting content creators and influencers to brands and promotions

  2. Back door for brands

  3. Social links

  4. Gold standard account verification and vetting

  5. ‘Leave a review’ and star system for Influencers

  6. Monthly Income (only visible to brands)

  7. Overall Point system ($ to points)

  8. In-built organiser

  9. Monthly leader boards

  10. Monthly hype lists


create your account

  • Sign up to The Social with your email and phone number, and link whatever socials you have to the app. These will be visible when brand representatives look at your account in their decision process.

  • Answer 3 series of questions of your choosing to add some personality to your profile.

  • Choose up to 10 images you want displayed on your profile that best captures your interests and general vibe.

  • Choose up to 3 main interests. These are important as it will not only give brands an idea of what you’re into, but will assist you by narrowing down your vision for your profile and ultimately give you direction.

  • Link-up with other influencers you know, expanding your circle and increasing your chances of getting noticed by brands, even by accident.

  • Familiarise yourself with your account and layout. Understand the metrics on your profile and how they will determine your workload moving forward. Remember, the more money earns the more ***** points you will earn indicating your successes and experience. This coupled with your written reviews and average rating will help you build your business like never before.

step 2

Start swiping

  • Get going!

  • The first choice you will have when seeking work on our app will be a decision to either search between BRANDS or PROMOTIONS. BRANDS will be the brand account themselves, in which the main objective is to be noticed by a brand who will hopefully contact you or take you on as an ambassador. PROMOTIONS are specific products floating through our app that a BRAND needs advertised. If you swipe right and are chosen, you will open a chat with the brand specifically for that product. Once the transaction has been completed the chat will be terminated, but still visible.

  • The promotions and brands that you see will be tailored to your account and your ‘Main Interest’. Ie - if you’re a health and fitness person, expect to see promotions and brands related to active wear, whole foods, health cafes and so on. Similarly if you have chose music, your account will show more music events + festivals, album releases and so on.

step 3

lock in your first contract

  • If you have swiped right on a product and the brand fancies you for the job, they will select you and a chat will open up between you and the brand.

  • They will give you a description of what they want, where they want it (platform? A post or a story?) and if everyone is in agreement, a contract will take place in this chat for whatever $ amount is specified.

  • From there, the brand will forward the amount agreed on, say $100 for this example, which will go into our holding account until the task is completed. Once the brand is satisfied with the post, they will confirm this and the money will be forwarded to your bank account.

  • Remember, your **** points are based on a conversion rate from the money you earn in the app, so try to make sure brands stick to paying you through this process as its also more secure and safe for everyone involved.

step 4

build up your profile

  • Move on up.

  • Your income is only as good as your hustle so make sure you carry out the task to the brands specifications. Feel free to add suggestions before you carry out the task, and once its agreed on move from there.

  • Your account will feature reviews from brands, so try your best to knock it out of the park.

  • Your account will feature an average rating, so hit them with that 5/5 BDE.

  • Your account will feature your total **** points, showing them not only how successful you’ve become, but also consistent you are. This is a very, very good thing.

What else can i do?

TURNS OUT, A LOT. Here are some other features you will DEFINITELY dig.

Creator to creator matching (location based)

Turn your matching on to find other creators/influencers. Great to use when travelling + collaborating.

Export your digital resume

Export all your reviews and past job data straight to your computer. Useful for adding to your resume.

Export your finances

Easily export your finance records in one easy, beautiful form. Makes tax time less excruciating.

Look through endless articles from our in-app publishing house, designed to help you learn and stay informed about the industry you’re in.

Get notified when THE SOCIAL publishes an article that could be useful in producing better content, growing your business and maximising your profits.

Local event swipe

look through local events in your area looking for promotions in exchange for access and/or other benefits.

account vetting

Get your following verified for a GOLD badge. Go through your account and remove any fake accounts that are following your account. Then, we can go through and VERIFY your following as genuine, giving your account a GOLD badge that lets brands know that they are getting the right value for money.