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The social - connecting through quality

Our app was derived from 4 core problems which we wanted to solve.

  1. How can we simplify the connection between content creators and brands?

  2. How can we assist those starting out to break through the industry floor?

  3. How can we measure success without likes?

  4. How can we instil an industry-wide change of quality over quantity?

The Social solves all of these problems at the same time, in the one place.

How can we simplify the connection between content creators and brands?

The Social’s main feature is the influencer/content creator to brand/promotion matching system.

When first logging into the app, the user will be given a choice to match with either Brands (ambassador connection) or promotions (advertisements for those brands). This will be made easy and enjoyable with a swipe feature, letting the user swipe left on options they reject, and right on options they would like to explore.

From there, the brand gets those interests in an inbox where they can then click on and explore through all the interested parties that want to promote their product or become an ambassador for the brand. The brand then reaches out to their chosen party (or parties) and reaches and agreement on the content to be produced and the fee to be paid. They pay the fee which goes into holding. The creator is notified and carries out the job, which once posted, gets forwarded the agreed amount automatically (sub 10% service fee).

How can we assist those starting out to break through the industry floor?

The Social will be a key playing in assisting those who want to begin the process of turning their accounts into a business, commonly referred today as micro influencers.

At the moment, micro-influencers are extremely valuable as they have the most genuine follower base. To put simple, follower bases between 5-15k are the most engaged of any account. The problem is that they’re hard to find and even harder to class. How does a brand know which accounts want to influencer, these accounts generally don’t have a specific interest so it’s harder to match profiles with products.

This is where The Social really comes into play, by easily bringing new players into the market, helping them to create an account that more defined and socially driven, and then linking them to the right promotions/brands based on our algorithm which uses metrics like followers, interests and location to get the best results.

Accounts are FREE for creators and influencers, so brand will have ample choice when it comes time to choose a content creator or influencer to be apart of their campaign.

How can we measure success without likes?

The Social’s mission also involves tackling the long standing issue of using likes as a metric of advertisement success. Luckily, Instagram is doing half the work for us by eradicating likes from users. This has given us the perfect platform to build our vision, which is a business driven mission for the modern day entrepreneur.

Social media has opened up a fairly new industry of sole traders that use their audience as a marketing platform for brands in exchange for money. So lets focus on the money.

The more jobs your take on via The Social, the more accurate your profile becomes in indicating the success of your campaigns. this is based on your rating, your reviews, total number of jobs, and 2 new metrics we’re introducing;

  1. Income (per month) - Brands will be able to see how much you earned for the month gone by. This gives an indication of how successful you are in running your business and your page. The idea being the more money you earn through The Social, the better your reputation, growing your business indefinitely. This is measured only through transactions that take place through the app.

  2. Social point system - An overall point tally that is covered from your overall income. The exact exchange rate only known the social, so that while brands can roughly tell how much you’ve earned, it mostly gives an indication of how much successful work you have completed.

How can we instil an industry-wide change of quality over quantity? Eliminating follower fraud and facilitating a business driven market with trust.

The 2 main questions facing brands at the moment are “Is my money going to quality content” and “Am I avoiding following fraud?”.

This question very much so carries on from the previous point. Using income per month and our point system are the first steps in ensuring a quality driven market change. Very quickly are we seeing brands throw-out the old rule which relied on who had the most amount of followers and likes, and concentrate on new players (micro-influencers) and accounts that have proven engagement with their followers.

We’re focussed on the business driven and will ensure this through our app.